I found the day itself very refreshing. I really liked the one to one work and the small groups. It was very different to anything that I have done before. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I thought the day was led in a very safe and challenging way. I really was who I am. I liked the way Jan connected us to others, and the way we had time to explore those different connections.

It was a fantastic experience. At the end I said to Jan "'I'm saying goodbye to internet dating, I'm going to come back to you until I find my soulmate."

I felt cared for during the day. The lunch was brilliant. I felt the attention that was paid to lunch really fed into the integrity of the work.

I loved the one to one meetings, and the mixture of choice and chance involved.

I thought the cards were great, it was a discreet way of saying that you'd like to meet again but no-one has to.

I met a woman whom I'm seeing at the moment, and am very happy to have met her.

It was a great reflection of Jan's work that this event yielded such interesting people. I'm single and I was looking for a way to increase my social contacts rather than a specific date. It was a way of networking.

Jan came highly recommended, and I was checking her out to see if I would want to do other workshops with her. I would.

I really felt how tense the group was at the beginning, and how soft they became during the day. That was down to the skilful way that Jan led the group. She also invited us to try as many different connections with different people as possible, which was lovely, and stopped me limiting myself.

It could have been like speed dating but it wasn't. The invitation was different. It was just to explore whatever connection you had with each person. I had some very moving moments with men I wouldn't have met otherwise.

I also liked the way we kept connecting to different people during the meal and tea breaks. We mingled which was fun.

I met one of the men afterwards in London. We had a great time together. I would definitely do one of these days again and more work with Jan.




Meetings without Masks, Brighton
led by Charlotte McLaughlin
Saturday, 3rd November 2018 (The Studio39)
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Meetings without Masks, London
led by Jan Day
Sunday 18th November 2018 (near Victoria)
email Jan Day

Meetings without Masks, Bristol
led by Natasha Hood
Sunday 18th November 2018 (Gasworks Studio)
email Natasha Hood

Meetings without Masks, Birmingham
led by Julie Clark
Sunday 10th Februaray 2019 (Buddhist Centre)
email Julie Clark

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Sundays in London led by Jan Day
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2018 Dates (near Victoria)
18th Nov (London)2018 led by Jan Day
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2018 Dates (Brighton, The Studio39)
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3rd Nov 2018 led by Charlotte
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2018 Dates (Bristol, Gasworks)
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2019 Dates with Julie Clark
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