Cuddle Workshop
Perhaps you'd like more quality non-sexual touch in your life, or perhaps you just love to cuddle at every opportunity. Come along, meet good people, learn about (and experience) the importance of touch, and have fun. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced cuddler, our Cuddle Workshop is for you!
Cuddle Workshop is organised by the co-creator Anna Nathan Shekory; and is expertly assisted by Tom Fortes Mayer.









Meetings without Masks, Brighton
led by Charlotte McLaughlin
Sunday 25th June 2017 (The Loft, Brighton)
email Charlotte McLaughlin

Meetings without Masks, London
led by Jan Day
Sunday 10th September 2017 (near Victoria)

Meetings without Masks, Bristol
led by Natasha Hood
Sunday 19th November 2017, Gasworks Studio
email Natasha Hood

Meetings without Masks, London
led by Jan Day
Sunday 19 November 2017 (near Victoria)

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Sundays in London led by Jan Day
(10.30am - 6.00 pm)

2017 Dates
10th September (London) led by Jan Day
19th November (London) led by Jan Day
Prices for London
£ 84 if booked online
£ 42 Standby rate
(lunch + afternoon tea with cake for £15)


Prices for Brighton with Charlotte McLaughlin
£ 60 early booking - £70 full price
if booked online


Prices for Bristol with Natasha Hood
£ 65 if booked online


Standby rate places are paid in advance and non-refundable if you are offered a place
Waiting list places are full price. These are filled in order before the standby places and you will be refunded if you don't get offered a place. Please wait for an extra confirmation before making any travel arrangements or check in with us that you have a place.