What is the age range?

The youngest are in their thirties, the oldest are in their sixties and most people are late thirties to late fifties. No-one is too young or too old because the point of the day is to discover who you are when you meet people with your heart open and curious to meet the person in front of you.

How many people attend?

Between 20 and 32 participants attend each event.

Are there equal numbers of men and women?

Yes. Occasionally we have one more man or one more woman because of illness or emergencies that stop people attending at the last minute. It doesn't happen very often.

How does the Standby booking work?

If you book a standby place, the price is greatly reduced. In exchange for the price reduction, you guarantee that you will be available on the day and you won't find out whether you have a place of not until the Friday or Saturday before the event on Sunday. It is our way to ensure that the numbers of men and women that attend are equal.
If you book a standby place and cannot attend on the day, you do not get a refund. If you book a standby place and I cannot offer you a place, you get either a refund or a standby place for the next workshop, your choice. People who have pre-paid for their standby place will get offered a place first.

What if I'm nervous?

Almost everyone is a little nervous when they arrive. It's very natural. The morning is carefully structured so that by lunchtime, you'll be feeling much more relaxed.

What if I have a special diet?

We have no difficulty catering for a wheat free, gluten free, dairy free or vegan diet. If you let us know about other allergies that you have, we can usually cater for you. And you still get a scrumptious, delicious lunch and yummy cakes at tea time.

Meetings without Masks, Brighton
led by Charlotte McLaughlin
Saturday, 3rd November 2018 (The Studio39)
email Charlotte McLaughlin

Meetings without Masks, London
led by Jan Day
Sunday 18th November 2018 (near Victoria)
email Jan Day

Meetings without Masks, Bristol
led by Natasha Hood
Sunday 18th November 2018 (Gasworks Studio)
email Natasha Hood

Meetings without Masks, Birmingham
led by Julie Clark
Sunday 10th Februaray 2019 (Buddhist Centre)
email Julie Clark

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Sundays in London led by Jan Day
(10.30am - 6.00 pm)

2018 Dates (near Victoria)
18th Nov (London)2018 led by Jan Day
Prices for London
£ 84 if booked online
£ 42 standby rate
(lunch + afternoon tea with cake for £15)


2018 Dates (Brighton, The Studio39)
with Charlotte McLaughlin
3rd Nov 2018 led by Charlotte
Prices for Brighton
£70 if booked online
£ 35 standby rate

2018 Dates (Bristol, Gasworks)
with Natasha Hood & Julie Clark
18th Nov 2018 led by Natasha Hood
Prices for Bristol
£70 if booked online
£ 35 standby rate


2019 Dates with Julie Clark
(Tree of Life, Birmingham, Buddhist Centre)
10 Feb 2019 let by Julie Clark
Prices for Birmingham
£37.90 - £75.21

Standby rate places are paid in advance and non-refundable if you are offered a place
Waiting list places are full price. These are filled in order before the standby places and you will be refunded if you don't get offered a place. Please wait for an extra confirmation before making any travel arrangements or check in with us that you have a place.